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My most recent Professional Mariner published article can be read here.

Today’s post presents some outtakes and more from the article process.  When you look at the tug below, or its earlier iteration,

you might not expect it has this elevating ability.  You’ve seen it here in a winter solstice post from nine years ago.

By elevating, the view from the helm can be raised by 15′ . . .  fifteen feet!!

External egress when the wheelhouse is down doesn’t work, and looks like this.  When you elevate, don’t forget to “release the velcro flap…”.

When it’s up, this is the view down the passage.

Of course, I wanted to see the ram that moved the wheelhouse up and down, and here pointing out function is John Joseph Captain C. J. Steen.

Here’s a crew photo, with (l to r), Jonathan Stasinos, Graham Lebica, Tim Ivory, Glenn Anderson, C. J. Steen, TBS consultant Birk Thomas, and James Stasinos.

Home base, the resting place,  these days for another Stasinos tug Meaghan Marie is a pier in  Red Hook Brooklyn terminal, but 

the goal of course is to stay engaged.

All photos, info . . .  WVD, who’s looking for more green and buff.

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