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I had a notice, so when the LCM came around the bend, I was waiting.  This LCM I knew well from Jake Van Reenen operated it for barging in the Seaway areas of the 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario.

The 1000 Islands is a very different environment than this, the East River headed into Hell Gate, or at the time I took the photos, Hell Gate water running west.  

Right now, it’s headed to a new home in Maine.  Note the crewman looking back along Roosevelt Island and getting a photo.

The background is Mill Rock, entirely Mill Rock Park.  Read much more about Mill Rock here. See the travel home and pickup inside the LCM?  That is exactly the raison d’etre of landing crafts.  I know somewhat out there who’d appreciate knowing that it was once LCM 8219.

The land mass to the right is Randalls/Wards Island.  Remember . . . the five boros comprise many islands.

The two bridges here, for outatowners, are the Triborough (now RFK) Bridge and the Hell Gate (RR) Bridge.

Randalls is home to an enormous sewage treatment operation, i.e., it’s home to NYC DEP, those good folks with fine boats who deal with what I call the “gross universal product,”  or GUP.

But I digress, Seaway Supplier heads for the Sound and eventually downeast Maine.

All photos, WVD.  Many thanks to Jake for the heads up.

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