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It’s been a while since Lilac appeared here, but this illusion of the steamer under way on her own power was thrilling.  I’m not adept enough at photo manipulation to add the right measure of smoke from her stack.  

And yes, the prime mover here is Michael Miller, with Susan nearby as well.  .

Like a vessel steaming in from another era,


it was great to see Lilac under way. 

All photos, WVD, who is unaware of the length of her duration at Caddells.

Photos of her engine can be seen here.

We’re past mid-November, which has upped the urgency in thinking about a 2021 calendar, to do one or not.  And that made me decide to revisit the photos that morning that I took the November photo for  this year.  Houston Star came in with two Moran tugboats. 

Any ideas where Houston Star might be today?

Ice bow?

Guess what the Atlas logo is?  See here.

What was interesting the morning I took the Houston Star photo was that just 15 minutes behind her was another tanker,

Yasa Flamingo.  She’s currently off Salinas, Portugal.  Houston Star is now off Port Aransas, off Corpus Christi.


All photos, WVD, who’s receptive to your ideas about the inclusions on a possible 2021 calendar.

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