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Once every 1460 days, we get to vote for president, so it’s a special day.  Please vote.  Exactly 12 years ago, I did this post on presidential politics.  My post was not partisan, right?  Wasn’t that a civilized election?  A sloop with sails like that can not be imagined in 2020.

A special day offers the opportunity for solidity or memories of, accomplishment or intentions of, and versatile functionality, as illustrated by the truckster! posts.

Not a Lafrance, right?

The 1953 Seagrave looks to reveal some cooperation with International with their 1950s L- and R-series.

I’m not certain, but I’d say  an M35 series 2.5 ton cargo truck.

Any guesses here?

I’d say this IH Metro came off the assembly line at some point in the 1950s.  Maybe someone can chime in here . . . a body plant in Bridgeport CT and Raymond Loewy were likely involved.

When I was growing up, every farmer in my county seemed to have this truck, a 1950s Chevrolet Advance Design.  Except my father.  He had a 1960 4 X 4 International pickup.

According to an old magazine ad for these trucks, “Oneida, Pronounced O ny da, Owners Know day or night, regardless of weather or road conditions, Oneida Motor Trucks haul their loads at an assured profit.”   Picture shows 1918 Oneida Motor Truck Model C, two-ton truck with hard rubber tires.

Speaking of tires, those are some skinny ones on the rear of this 1926 International.

I am at a loss for this one . . . but I’d guess . . an Oshkosk HEMTT equipment transporter,

with this one in the Catskills transporting a grader.

One of the upsides to getting caught in slow-downs on the highway is that you get to safely take photos of interesting vehicles like this, a customized late 1950s Chevy or GMC.

Let’s end this election day special with a truck shrunk by a recycling pile.  A closer look at that recycling pile might reveal remnants of some once proud trucks as well.

See the million-plus tons of new steel ingredients there?  As to the hard-rubber tire truck, my guess would be a Euclid.  1960s?  1970s?

All photos, except the one my daughter took during a traffic jam, WVD.  And let me add one more, a Rip van Winkle Willys station wagon.  Guess the year?


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