Here’s an annotated version of one of yesterday’s photos.

Below is an F.1 with wings removed. Christian writes” It’s Mirage F1 for sure as it’s an up-wing aircraft. On your second picture you can see the junction place body/wing  (right side is forward – left side aft of the aicraft)  
On my picture (below) the Mirage F1 is  opposite side (right forward) but you can see the same  body to wing junction and then with the yellow arrow you can see the same fairing. 
About the Kfir : first of all it’s not a Dassault and/or French built but an Israeli made aircraft. I’m almost sure that Israel never sold to Saudi !       
I’m thinking that the ones (on the container ship) are former Jordanian and are just coming to from Jordan via Saudi – sold to the US compagny  ATAC for spare parts. “

Many thanks to everyone who commented, even anonymously. It all goes to show you never know what you’re going to see next.