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the frontal view of Lumberman.  For a thorough history of the vessel, click here.

Arthur Hamilton sent me this article from yesterday’s Juneau Empire about this September 1941 Jakobson of Oyster Bay tugboat built as Dauntless No. 15. What’s clear is that plans are developed now to take the “sanitized” vessel 55 miles out to the 1300′ deep waters of Gulf of Alaska to be reefed.  Following the history back, here and here are other Juneau Empire articles about the nuisance vessel from January and February 2020.

Does anyone know the years Dauntless Towing Line operated?  I’m concluding that it was from the link in the previous sentence it was between the 1890s and the 1950s.

Lumberman (hull 287) is just two years older than Ludington (hull 297) and Nash  (hull 298),  1943 Jackobson products.  Hull 293, Fred A. Cassidy was built for Jersey City Stockyards, an operation  I’d love to know more about.  Here‘s some info on Jersey City stockyards before the 1940s.

Other Jakobson builds still around the sixth boro include Cornell (329), Frances (376), Margot (377), Liz Vinik (406), Lucy Reinauer (451), Mike Azzolino (462) and more.

Hull 307, Western Tugger, September 1944, is still working in Newfoundland.

Many thanks to Arthur.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a story like that of Tilly.