PPE, the word, was not a commonly used term in my world just two months ago when I took this photo; crew on freighters in the sixth boro typically wear work overalls, hard hats, googles, and in winter, face coverings.  After all, early March can be cold here,

and a week and some earlier, these guys could have been in Panama or Egypt, along the waterways here.  But then it was not called PPE yet.

Ditto here, except this was last week and that is a Tyvek suit, which has other associations.

Local mariners  . . . two months ago would not have had this mouth covering, even if it’s slipped off.

Or this paint/pesticide respirator . .  . it could be related to the virus.

But it’s the deckhands on container ships that show the greatest amount of prep and response to my lens.

They all have masks, as likely does the pilot.  New situations call for new protocols.


And this complete Tyvek and mask and blue gloves . . . this is the most extreme I’ve seen.

But hey . .  who wants to get sick?


All photos, WVD.