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Call this Something Different 21 followup, four and a half years on.  From that October 2015 post, I’d say art deco tug meet art deco yacht, built in 1941 by Palmer Scott in Fairhaven MA as a prototype for Revere Copper and Brass Inc.  Hence the name Revere.  I’d first thought it was named for the city.

And why the title?  Because this morning when following link to link, I arrived at this article by Krista Karlson about an exhibit I’d missed.   Sorry, Mystic, and now more sorry.

It turns out there was a Revere plant right beside Palmer Scott’s boatyard, if I read the last page here correctly.  Timing may have stifled follow up to the project, and after the war, other boat building materials were used.  But what became of this all metal, welded Cupro-nickel vessel?  Have Revere thought of manufacturing these?

I’d love to know more about the travels of Revere, which in the photo above appears to be headed downstream in the North River.

Related:  Last year I posted a photo of a mystery vessel I referred to as a boat/rat rod here.  I see some similar lines.

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