Today it’s . . . .

Jeepster!  Remember Truckster! 12 about a Willys pickup project digression that was almost done? This is somewhat similar, a 1948 Willys Jeepster project that’s somewhat on hold because of virus’ suppression of travel.

Back in November, my brother heard about one languishing in a barn.  This is what it looked like. It had been off the road and stored since . . .1964!  It didn’t run.

We adopted it.  Hat tip to my brother who has the skills, tools, vision, and energy.  So what do I bring to the shop?  Well, other skills using his tools and reacting/modifying his vision, and my own pent-up energy, I guess.  And . . . the camera now and then.

Here’s the 1948 interior.

By mid-December, disassembly was underway.


revealing an unusual, I thought, frame.

Powerwashing the body revealed what indoor storage on a slightly damp floor can do.

In January, work had turned to cutting out all the floor that was compromised.

Cross support was reinforced. Templates were made and sheetmetal was cut to be tacked in.

In January, the spare engine was completed.

February in a warm garage, I was already wearing a mask while removing rust and in some places uncovering bare Toledo metal.  Wearing a mask for body work just makes good lung sense.

In March, we started using primer to determine where more sanding was needed.

A spare, entirely rebuilt GoDevil 4 was fitted to the existing and functional transmission, three on the tree with overdrive.

Since this project is ongoing in a rural upstate county and I live in Queens, by mid-March already, it was obvious that I needed to stay home.  My brother’s other projects move into the garage.  Once there’s an all-clear signal. I’ll go back up to work on it, and I’ll report back when it’s complete.  For now, it runs, shifts, and is registered.

The steering wheel will go, unless someone can explain how to re-resin it.  And I hope to pick up on this later this spring or summer.

Stay healthy.

Any other “ster crazy ideas?  Maskster?  Recyclester?  Sportster?  Galleyster?  Hugster?

. . . mermaid parade Coney Island, June 2009.