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Thanks for your great response with the ‘ster crazy suggestions.  Today we go  . . .


I’m not really a ball cap wearer, but I have at least 20 in my closet.

The idea for capster comes from Capt. Tommy Bryceland, whose photos you’ve previously seen on tugster here.

In this part of his collection, received for work well done, are USNS Yuma, USNS Robert E. Peary, USNS Leroy Grumman, and USS Dallas, top row.  And below that, it looks like TS Empire State VI, USS Harry S. Truman, and USS Arizona . . . only the latter did Tommy receive differently.

Here are the highlights of my collection.

Many thanks to Tommy for the idea and photo.  Do you remember when ball caps began to appear in places other than the ball park?  Here‘s a history, as seen from the hat makers.  Before then, here were your options.  I used to work on a boat where the mate would wear . . . yes, a boater!

And then there are decorated hardhats . . .  hatster painted by my artistic daughter and starring Capt. Woodman,


that very dry-witted and

dry-everything else,

corsair of the trim and modeling department.


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