The background for this ‘ster crazy series is here.   Also, it was just over five years ago that I first strayed into the truckster realm.   today . . . after sitting on these photos too many months, let’s do . . .

Roadster.  Imagine you have a Triumph Vitesse, early 1960s, a unique car, but really want a Bugatti, Type 59; however, you can’t afford the difference on a trade-in.  On the other hand, you possess skills . . . of imagination and metal fabrication and mechanical adaptation.

Here’s what the builder, Robin Denny, wrote late August in response to a steam truck/car made of recycled parts:  ” A little more re-cycling and a little less thrown away would be good for the world. Thirty years ago I built a copy Bugatti [roadster] on which every part was junk, scrap, or secondhand, except the wheels, brakes, pistons and paint. [I then enjoyed driving it for] 62,000 miles.”  Of course, I asked for photos, ad this is what I got.

Strip everything off the frame, and modify it.   The arches will define the body.

Here we’re looking from rear right side toward where the engine will go.  Of course, everything has been modified.

Engine mounts are fabricated;  the new engine location is back 28″ and lowered 4″.

Note the arches to define the body/cockpit with the gearshift in place, the imitation Bugatti radiator grille, and the original Triumph wheels.

Engine has now been linked/wired to controls, and steering has been fitted.

Closeup of the gas pedal, brake, and clutch.

Reservoirs mounted on the firewall. Note the rightside steering wheel and column.  I am puzzled by the tire position, to the right.

Gas tank is mounted as are front lights.  The snazzy wire wheels are mounted.

And here after hours of sheet metal fabrication . . .  is the final product, as if I were a fixture in Jay Leno’s garage, a

scratch-built Bugatti Type 59 imitation roadster, plate number UGH 623F.  I don’t know if the UGH makes this a vanity plate, reflecting the hours and hours of effort.

Kudos, Robin.  I’d happily look at many more photos of the process and the completed roadster.

Apparently, others have also created Bugatti’s out of Triumphs, as in this example.   Here‘s a Type 59 by the same replica creator.

Do read the comments for much more info about the Bugatti aka Bug since the completion.