You have to be in the right place at the right time to get radiant photos like these, and what better place to witness the colors in sky and on water than from a boat.

Newark Bay with its calm waters and its sculptural industry . . .  I don’t mean to get carried away here, this is the perfect place and time to get these photos.

Some tugboats follow a container ship to the docks in this twilight . . . that’s what it is, but I squint a bit, let the caffeine do its work, and I see future vehicles descending with retrorockets firing.

Or maybe you see something else, just what it is . . . commerce on the waters.  No matter . . . these are beautiful photos.  Not all days are this beautiful, and not all beautiful days allow for even momentary admiration of scenes like this.  And who can tell that millions of folks live within a 10-mile radius of this spot

Many thanks to Skip for sharing these photos and letting me post them here.