Interesting name . . . I thought it was the number “3” in Arabic, but I was wrong.  Anyone know the reference?

Clever logo . . .

Feel like Wheel of Fortune yet?

I can tell you that’s Capt. Brian . . . and you can probably tell me the location, by the tall tapered building off Capt. Brian‘s stern.


Figure it out yet?

Thalatta’s a HERO  . . . a High-efficiency RORO, capable of carrying 8000 cars.  Parked end to end and bumper to bumper, that’s over 20 miles of cars.

She’s a post-Panamax ROROHere‘s the explanation for that.


And the reference is Greek . . .

All photos, WVD, whose previous versions of this post were here.

Unrelated but certainly worth a look, Paul Strubeck has come into some vintage photos on a South American river assisting bauxite ore boats in the narrow waterways . . .