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But first . . . polling is still OPEN for photos for the 2020 calendar pages, but in the interest of completing tasks in a timely fashion, I’ve decided that if I received zero votes by Sunday, December 15, I’ll declare it closed.  Additional nominations for the December page can also still be offered until then.

A month ago I saw a barge with a tubular structure towed by Sarah Dann, and after that it was La Madonna, both headed for that Shell site in Pennsylvania . . . by way of the Mississippi River.  I’m guessing Sarah Dann‘s barge could be approaching Cairo confluence by now, even though Sarah Dann is in LaRose LALa Madonna is just north of Port Fourchon, so maybe the bargeloads will be consolidated for the inland waterways portion of the trip.  ??

So when I saw Wilkin A. Falgout on AIS, I thought I’d check her out, and sure enough, it was

another module shipping from Cianbro to said ethane cracker project.


My timing could not have been better, because as I was in the area, the mains started up–see the exhaust–and

soon lines were released and the unit turned outbound for the VZ Narrows.

As of this posting, she is approaching Chincoteague  . . .

All photos yesterday by Will Van Dorp, whose previous Falgout vessel can be seen here, if you scroll.

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