Let’s start with a boat I’d imagined had to be fiberglass, but no . . .

it’s a wooden 1959 Century Coronado.

She’s got looks and speed.

Steaming in front of Bonnie Castle . . . that has to be a Steelcraft, like this one on the blog last year.

This one I saw only on a trailer . . .  but 224 mph!!!

And these . . .  they almost completely blocked the Erie Canal channel at Sylvan Beach.

And how’s this for two Corbin 39 pilothouse sailboats . . .

Does anyone have experience with this model?

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who is still gallivanting in foreign waters . . .

Now two more, one from me and another from an inquiring mind.

A above is mine, and B below is from Neil.  And the question is . . . are both these schooner rigs?

All photos except the last one by Will Van Dorp.