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The photo below I took almost two years ago . . . the mouth of the Richelieu.  Enter here and you’ll get to Lake Champlain, and of course anywhere in the contiguous watery world. But the rest of the photos here I took along the right bank of the St Lawrence, driving northeast between the big river and southern Quebec.

Here are the towers of L’église de Saint-Pierre, built between 1826–31.

Turning my back to Saint-Pierre, I see Ladon, a 2018 product tanker headed upstream toward Montreal.

The fence by the water is adorned with kid’s art,

generated by “my river and I” program.   I quote the local paper (translated) from the goals of the program:  “My River and I are the first educational project aimed at bringing young people closer to the St. Lawrence River, informing them and raising their awareness of the issues surrounding their protection, development and development.”

I thought it notable that the word cloud on the signage includes métiers, which can be translated professions.

A couple hours downstream (you can’t stop everywhere) is the Quebec Maritime Museum in L’islet-sur-mer.

The St. Lawrence, which you see off the stern of the display ship and already downstream from Quebec City, is about 10 miles wide at this point.

The village has a church, Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, built 1768.  The very green grass floods at high tide.

But this ship led me to stop here.  Study it and then I’ll provide some info. Try to visually remove the stands and gangway and imagine it traveling full speed on water. The sea-going hydrofoil exceeded 63 knots in sea trials!

She’s 163′ and some long, and at the main foil span, 66′.

The turbine puts out 25,000 hp.


Here are the particulars on an experimental vessel following on the HD work of Alexander Graham Bell (yup!) and abruptly cancelled in 1971.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.



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