But then there’s the NYC Ferry opened service just over two years ago.  Here’s my post on Day 1, when I rode the ferry from Wall Street to Rockaway and back.  Somehow I’d missed news about the source of  names like Ocean Queen RockStar and

Rainbow Cruise.  Other names include Urban Journey, Friendship Express, Lunch Pail, and Happy Hauler. Any ideas on how these names were chosen?  Answer follows

Other names make sense once you consider such detail as Sonangol is the name of the Angolan company that oversees gas and oil production in that county and Port Amboin is a port there, or that the routes of ACL fleet traverse the North Atlantic only.

Other names I’d never expect on a ship;  imagine telling your family you’re off to work on Neverland Dream…

or YM Enlightenment, which sounds like Why M N Lighten Mint on the radio.

Back to the NYC Ferry vessel names, they come from NYC school kids, from a contest organized for school kids.  Here and here are some articles about these names.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.