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The spate of vessels these days with bird names like Shearwater, ONE Apus, ONE Stork, NYK Crane, NYK Blue Jay, NYK Falcon, Dodo, Southern Owl . . . prompts this post.

During the time I sit by the water, I sometimes walk circles for exercise or talk to folks.  I listen to the radio occasionally.  I never fish, but I watch others do it and I take photos of birds, like here and  a lot of them here.

These are from the past half year or so.  Buffleheads are reverse snowbirds, at least reverse in the sense I hear it used;  you see them here only in cold dark months.

I could be wrong with some of these identifications . ..  but I’d guess two males and one female greater scaup, 

. . . male red-breasted merganser,


Canada (or Canadian???)  geese adult and young,

a common loon male, which you generally hear before you see,

a fearsome looking male grackle . . .,

more mergansers, and

some kind of gull, which a friend just calls “homie.”

So now you know . . .  some of the other types of photos I take along the water/land divide.

I almost forgot this guy . . . .


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