Imagine seeing this on the Belt Parkway . . .  a Bell helicopter on a trailer doing the speed limit.   Aren’t these things capable of speeds more like 150?

Wait . . . this one is damaged and the flotation bags have been deployed!!   It’s THAT helicopter!

If you watched network news last week, you may have seen this crash on the nightly news . . .  Click on the photo for more on the New York Media Boat and its multiple possibilities.

Never would I have imagined seeing this chopper, but there it was passing me on the Belt, followed by quite the colorful escort truck running interference as needed.

I occurs to me that this chopper, reportedly a Bell 206, blurs the sixth boro/other boros distinction, making it a sort of sea bird:  it typically lands on any of the terrestrial five boros, it flies seamlessly over them and over the sixth boro, which it can also land on.

Unexpected post by Will Van Dorp, who wonders where the aircraft was headed.