One day in April, I noticed five ROROs in the sixth boro at the same time.I’m think the volume of ROROs in the port has increased.  Anyone have substantiation of that hunch?

Contemporary ROROs look quite similar one to the other, but a careful point by point comparison reveals differences.  Look at them here.

Hoegh Chiba was first in this line up, and


Amethyst Ace was next.  The Ace vessel was built in 2008; the Hoegh in 2006.


On a different day, Glovis Companion arrived.

She was built in 2010.

Wallenius is often credited as the company that originated the roll on-roll off concept,

Nicholson Transit was moving cars around the Great Lakes a few decades before that.   Click on the photos above and below for context.

Previous Glovis vessels on this blog can be found here, and other ROROs here.

All color photos by Will Van Dorp.