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This is yet again a nautic scene in the Narrows, so I’ll bet you’re wondering why this title.

It doesn’t appear all that exotic either, compared with other posts of this title.   But I’m thinking someone might be reaching way back to an epic if pungent voyage in 1987 and figuring this out.


Hang in here with me.  Check out the name.  Break of Dawn came through the Narrows Saturday morning in the rain, quite a few hours beyond the break of dawn.   Recall Mobro Marine?

Remember the Mobro 4000, and the garbage barge hauling Long Island trash for two months, causing states’ conflicts and several near international incidents . . .?  It’s been memorialized in a kids’ book, if you want to help your kids or grandkids familiarize themselves with sixth boro (and beyond)  lore . . ..  I was living in NE Massachusetts in 1987, and I followed this story closely.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who got rained on while getting these photos, standing off to a water side while hundreds of runners pounded the esplanade between Owls Head and the VZ Bridge rest area.


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