A change that’s happened to me in 2018 is that I became a truck owner.  When the truck gone through all the changes I’m making to it, I’ll post about it.  That’ll be this mid spring, if all goes well.  For now, let me truckster you with vehicles that’ve caught my attention along the highways and byways.

This 1945 Chevy wrecker could become a looker with some love.


This 1945 Studebaker truck, however, seems destined to become a mineral deposit in this woodsy place.

To see a restored beauty, click here and scroll.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, whose editor was not attentive in Tugster Tower today.

I’ve recently become a fan of Jay Leno’s Garage.  See his show on a WW2 1943 or 4 Dodge Carryall resto-mod.  It’s of the same era.