Elsbeth III appeared in the Lower Bay on AIS Thanksgiving Day morning, and no matter the temperatures, I headed out to the surest intercept for photos.

It turns out she’s not the boat I’d seen here over two years ago, delivering 20 barges all at once . . .  but the fleet sisters surely look alike, until

you start looking at dimensions another numbers.  III is 20′ shorter, and 4′ narrower than II.  Both II and III are triple screw, although the engines differ.

Read all about II here and III here. I saw another fleet mate, non-Latham-Smith-built in the Pacific last spring here.

She passed the Sandy Hook Pilots station on her way in, from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, I believe.  As of this morning, III is over by the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  I don’t know if she’s being dry-docked or just picking something up.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who’s previously posted exotics here.

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And by looking around the Smith Maritime site, I just learned whatever became of a sixth boro and Hudson River regular once known as Norwegian Sea. She’s now Miss Rui.