I value classification, so here are the previous posts with this title.  And here’s a cadillac of research vessels that’ve called in the sixth boro.  Some others elsewhere have included a NOAA boat, Weatherbird II, and a larger NOAA boat.  I was there for the christening of Kaho.  Michigan has the venerable Neeskay,  Huron has Laurentian, and Superior includes Shenehon.  Here are some more.   Please forgive for all those left out.

Argo is a Dunkirk NY-based fisheries research vessel. I’m guessing she arrived in Lake Erie via some parts of the Erie Canal.

Doing similar work on Lake Superior is Kiyi.   I took this photo back in May.  Kiyi went into service not quite 20 years ago.  For a 9-minute video of her at work over a week-long period, click here.

Departing the sixth boro a few weeks ago, here’s another photo of NOAAS Nancy Foster

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Click here for NYC WW1 memorials.  Hats off for all veterans on Veterans Day.

Here’s an editorial from The Manchester Guardian for Nov 12, 1918.  “If, as a people, we can be wise and tolerant and just in peace as we have been resolute in war, we shall build them the memorial that they have earned in the form of a world set free from military force, national tyrannies and class oppressions, for the pursuit of a wider justice in the spirit of a deeper and more human religion.”