. . . of the mitten state.  It could have been called the “arrowhead” state, given maps from long ago . . .

Passing on on the waterside is Stewart J. Cort, a laker I’ve never seen before  She’s truly unusual;  one of her unique features is that she’s the only 1000-footer built outside–at least initially–the Saint Lawrence Seaway locks.

Below, that’s Little Sable Light.  I’d not been that interested in lighthouses before, but once you’ve seen enough of them, maybe you develop an interest in the variety.

Next on the waterside . . . it was another encounter with Sam Laud.  Being on the Lakes this time, I’ve developed an appreciation for the pace of lakes, their constant running around from lake port to lake port. Here was my previous encounter with Sam Laud.

Is this hatch remover typically called an iron deckhand?


Big Sable Point Light has not always had this banded paint scheme.

Back on the lakeside, I’ve forgotten what vessel this was . . . heading for the Indiana portion of the lake.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.