What can you do with a 1953-built T-boat?

Just about anything.  Since 1970, Neeskay has been UW-Milwaukee’s primary research vessel.  I hope to post more about her later.

Joseph started brewing his fizzy water 169 years ago in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee River has numerous drawbridges.

Frederick was brewing his five years earlier even than Joseph.

Krista S used to work in the sixth boro as one of many “sea wolf” incarnations.

Don’t walk away from your camera post, or you might get only the stern portion of a tug and barge. I managed an only-slightly better photo here some time back.

Schooner Denis Sullivan revives a design that was the best way to get cargo around Lake Michigan and the other Lakes before rail and road systems were created.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who learned from Lee Murdock that Denis Sullivan was captain of the schooner Moonlight.