This lake is the entrance to Holland, MI, slightly less than 100 miles northeast of Chicago.  I know the vessel below is a repurposed USCG 40-footer, but I was drawn in so many directions that I didn’t get a photo of the name on the stern.  Here is more info on this vessel type, aka utility boat, large. 

I saw a large number of small tugs but have no information on them.



The next batch belong to D. K. Construction, but again . . . I know very little.

Haskal has appeared here before, and as a result, I know it is a former USACE vessel built in 1936. I’m curious about the twins above and below, which I’d call broncs, seen here and scroll.


The sheer number of small boats at the entrance to the small lake from Lake Michigan this recent afternoon attests to the popularity of recreational boating in this part of Michigan.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who’s impressed by the number of recreational boats passing Big Red.