Let’s follow Calumet out of the Calumet.

There”s a turning circle farther up, so she was able to enter and leave bow first.

The draw bridge drawn up to the right . . . that’s what remains after the Pontokratis incident in 1988 that threatened to delay traffic all the way to the Mississippi, according to this article. 


This traffic shares the river with speedboats like the one in the foreground.


Here’s the last bridge–frozen up–before Lake Michigan.

Hmmm . . . “largest inland US container port . . .”  Here are the numbers.  About a century ago, this port was built to take  stevedores and longshoreman away from the urbanizing Chicago River.

The big red dot with the white center is what Calumet passes on her way out of the Calumet.

And at the mouth, you can see Chicago 20 miles away.

Looking east around the bottom of the lake, it’s the refinery and steel mills in Indiana.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.