We’re now in the last Great Lake of the trip, but that is a big lake.  In late afternoon, we pass Poverty Island, with its light sans lantern. Here’s more on the island.

Morning found us in Manitowoc, looking at Neeskay, a 1953 Higgins T-boat.

Any water visit to Manitowoc of course gets intruded on by SS Badger, which of course is a delight.

My vantage point this time allowed me to see its

anchor-enhanced stop and

controlled move astern.  An alarm sounds and then the anchor falls.

Once all fast, the anchor gets hoisted.

Two hours later, she’s heading back to Ludington.

As we departed, Neeskay returned to port.

Was she out fishing, sampling water, seeking treasure, and maybe looking for meteorite fragments?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.