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New styling for a superstructure?  Ocean7 Projects is an organization I’ve not seen in the sixth boro before.

For a Dutch company, 

it has a great logo with that tulip.

Urk is a small town dating back to medieval times, accustomed to surviving against the sea. I’ll never forget a visit there with cousins on a raw November day, ducking out of the rain into a small bar with nary a straight line anywhere in its construction due to sagging.  The genever warmed otherwise cold bones.

She danced around Bergen Point this morning, seemingly empty from

Haiti.  I’m not sure what she’ll load in Port Newark.

It made my day to see this unusual cargo ship.  As of this posting, she’s southbound along the Delmarva peninsula.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

And following up on yesterday’s post, the top AIS screen capture represents many Sunday evenings-into-Monday mornings.  Although Port of NYC/NJ operates non-stop, there’s often a rhythm of emptying-out on the weekend with a surge of new boats at the work week’s start.  The exact  capture was from wee hours of Monday, this week.

More interesting is the followup to the second photo showing Grasp anchored off Fire Island.  Frank Pierson found a news article corroborating what Mike had said . . .  that USNS Grasp (T-ARS-51) was indeed operating at the wreck site of USS San Diego (ACR-6).  Be sure to read the article embedded in his comment. Here’s a video of the ceremony.  Thanks much, Mike and Frank.

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