Here are some closer-up photos of the 1916 Hudson Hillclimber.  Some of the cars in the race had no means of covering up the “interior.”

This is a rally,; hence the large chronometer with the clipboard maintained by the navigator.


Blush, blush . . . I don’t know what car this was, but I’ll include it as an interior and closeup engine shot.

I thought I’d be able to identify it with the “97” here, but that seems to refer to something else.  ??


This is a 1917 Peerless.  Let me quote from someone else:  “One of just over 3,900 Peerless cars made in 1917, the Green Dragon started as a touring car with a massive 5.4-liter (330 cubic inch) V-8 churning out 80 horsepower. Thought to have been converted into a board track racer in the 1920s, it sat unused for decades before being found in the 1990s and given a new semi-boattail race car body for rallying. What’s under that green skin is all original.”

Here they were leaving the lunch stop and heading back into the rainy roads to Troy.

When the rain came, I headed back into the museum.  Ever seen one of these?

Click here for more the 1952 Enterprise.

And let’s end with a very unusual two-wheeler . . . a Ner-a-car, this one assembled in Syracuse NY.  The plant there operated only in the 1920s.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who’s eager to see the next Great Race . . .