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Pollsters say you want more, so here we go.   As evidence of some effort to connect this out to tugster’s water focus, I’ll go back to a photo I took in mid-August 2014 in Wolcott NY. If I did the Great Race, I’d want a floating module, like the one of this 1930 Ford woody station wagon/bus.

Now back to Norwich NY and the lunch stop at the Northeast Classic “Car” Museum:  I put ” ” on car because today is all trucks.  And let’s do this as I did in yesterday’s post:  you guess.

#1  You probably noticed yesterday that all the photos were taken in one place;  I chose this angle–crossing railroad tracks–because that perspective allowed me framing that kept all (or most) people out of the shots.

#2  I remember milk being delivered in wonderful trucks like this one.

#3  I know hood ornaments and such reveal the manufacturer, but you still might have to struggle for the year.

This 1949 Diamond T was in the museum, and had such an informative sign, that I just had to

include that here.

#4   Yes, this is a pickup.

Again, this is a freebie. Somewhere lost in my past I remember my father driving a Diamond T and speaking reverentially about it. If you click on this photo, you might be able to read the sign. Notice the 10-gallon stainless milk cans loaded on the body.

#5  When was in Iraq almost 30 years ago, I saw this year truck cab fitted with a wooden coach body and used in Basra public transportation.  I’d really like to buy one of these and replicate what I saw on the streets there.


#7  It’s not really a truck, but it’s not a car either.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who reminds you that if you live in New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia, you can still catch them.


  1. 1939 Ford pickup
  2. 1950 Ford milk delivery van
  3. 1946 GMC 1/2 ton
  4. 1932 Ford
  5. 1957 Chevrolet
  6. 1946 Dodge WD-20
  7. 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse

By the way, the 2019 Great Race will run from southern California to Washington state.   I guess it’s time to start saving up for/building an Iraq Chevy woody bus.

Let’s close out with one more from the museum, a Brockway from a central NYS company that ran from 1912 until 1977.


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