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My photos of ACP tugs are coming, just not yet because in the  unrivaled crossroads of the oceans that is the Panama Canal, a slow look-around brings unparalleled reward.  Take Pacific Hope with her classic lines in diminutive scale.   Any ideas on her mission?  I figured oceanographic research, but

built in 1983 and registered in Dominica, she provides medical and dental care.  According to Facebook, she’s currently underway and bound for Cartagena, now quite high on my gallivanting list.

It appears the MSC vessel has calved?

Hercules Pride, in spite of her 1/3 scale, makes bunker runs between the Balboa port and the terminal on the island of Melones.

Pana Venture . . . nice lines but too many years on the hook with too little TLC . . .  that’s all I can say.   Anyone help?

Don Chebo appears to be a small tanker.  While trying to find info on the ship, I learned the name comes from a comic character in Guatemala.

Whatever the provenance of the ship, her propulsion comes from two Thrustmaster units, as seen in these Erie Canal boats. 

Discoverer 2 is tied up in Balboa between seismic assignments.  That appears to be the Sinopec logo right behind the wheelhouse.

Andres Felipe IV  . . . a modified landing craft, with the controls moved forward and to starboard?

Lady Remington II (a great name) and Coiba Cargo . . .  await cargo in a marina out by the Causeway Islands.

A Point-class former USCG patrols the Pacific side of the canal.

And I’ll end on a surprise, although not really . . . it’s USCGC Vigorous, a 1967 product of Lorain OH!  It appears that a crew boat is just arriving alongside.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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