Well, the season is wrong and the implement over the right shoulder belies merriment, but the hat and beard are almost right . . .

The colors here are festive, but  . . . it’s not right.

Floating here in a TowBoatU.S. water sled “pushed” by 150 horses past Boldt Castle . . . or if you choose to believe that’s what the North Pole looks like, or


here, near a navaid in the 1000 Islands . . . yes, these last two are much better.  Santa transport, another service of Seaway Marine Group.

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers and commenters . . .  Now you can leave the internet and enjoy the day with whomever you choose to.  Or, you can check out all these tugster Christmas posts from past years.

Top two photos by Will Van Dorp, and last two from Jake Van Reenen.

Who knows what an imaginary guy looks like anyhow?  Here’s a mid-19th century view. The Dutch descendants upriver celebrate him this way, from a 2013 tugster post.  Or, is this Santa person really based on a folktale from the Sami in Lapland?