I’m off gallivanting around NYC and getting more Fleet Week photos, so I’m happy to put up some more of John Jedrlinic’s photos.

Let’s start with an unusual angle . . . it’s Smit Indusbank, built 1968 in the Netherlands.

photo date 22 APRIL 2016

Pelican II seems to have started life on the Vistula River, upstream from Gdansk, in 1993.  Now it’s working in Barbados.

photo date 24 APRIL 2016

Uraga Maru, 2005, has always worked in Japan and is currently in the Tokyo area.

photo date 14 JAN 2008

St Lucaya, 1991, with that bow (visible better here)  you’d never mistake her for a vessel built in North America or Europe…  The same is true of Smit Tahiti, again, better visible here.

photo date 24 APRIL 2016

And finally, Midnight Chief is a small RORO  that would be right at home in San Juan PR harbor, where Midnight Coast could be a twin.

photo date 28 APRIL 2016


Thanks to Jed, who always comes up with the unusual and obscure,  for these photos.