Well, the boss called and said he wanted an old truck to restore, you know

to make like new.  Great mechanical condition, great paint job . . . you know. I’d love to see this William Walter truck back to its former glory.

The boss was calling me tweeting me at all hours of the clock . . .  “find me a project truck.”    Of course, it was still winter and although I’ve dabbled as truckster and chugster, it’s hard to tell what has promise when you can barely see it.

So I prayed for melt, and then

it snowed again.  Is that a White,

that blue machine under the snow?

Here’s a prospect.  Maybe a 1943 Dodge?


And what might the boss do when I find something that could be great?  Nothing that the Rolling Bones folks have not yet done . . .

Check them out if you’re in Saratoga  . . . or Bonneville. Cockshutt . . . ?  They’re messing with you.

This might be a different path . . .


Here the alleged 1937 White pickup was headed for the Thruway, and yes that is a canal tug in the background.

So maybe what the boss has in mind is a provisions truck?

I could be convinced . . . .

Or maybe this  . . . a box truck . . .

closing in on the border pour les snowbirds??

Maybe a Kamaz?

Well . . . I’m not sure.  He may be a Mack guy.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, except the one directly above credited to Jim Watson, AFP.  Here’s more Jim Watson.

Wait . . . am I in the wrong building and getting an unintended twitter feed?