If you don’t recognize the name “kiptopeke,” I’ll just say this is not the Arthur Kill or Nouadhibou or Alang . . .




Note the pelican/gull segregation . . .




The bridge in the background might be a clue.  There was once a time that you needed a ferry to cross between Norfolk and the southern Delmarva peninsula, and these wrecks protected the landing at Kiptopeke Beach.


Nine wrecks mostly end to end lie off the Virginia beach disintegrating.


For much better close ups, see this link.


For much more info and additional photos, including one of a ferry passing through the opening between the wrecks, click here.

Congratulations to William Lafferty for identifying the location from the photo in my old/new year’s post.

I’m going to add Kiptopeke’s concrete ships to the list of places I need to revisit in warmer weather and with a small boat.   Better yet, this spot is begging for drone photography.

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