Here’s the series.

And there, look at that name.   No, not that one. ..


this one.  And the paint job–or time elapsed since the most recent one–lends authenticity to the name.


She looks to have been “rode hard and put away wet,” but that expression may just apply to horses and this bulk


carrier may just be happy dashing between the Mississippi and Veracruz.  And those streaks of red and yellow . . . they are just like the orange juice and grenadine you mix with the mescal.


I wonder, though, if the rest of the fleet has names like


Tequila Sunset, El Diablo, Margarita  . ..   or maybe like Hotel California, Lyin’ Eyes, or Peaceful Easy Feeling.   Then there could be Tequila Hangover, or Why the Dude Got Thrown out of the Cab.  Of course, if you really want to know the fleet mate names, check here.

All photos and speculation by Will Van Dorp.