Below is a photo of State of Maine taken off Antwerp, Belgium,  on 12 July 2016 and used with permission.


Another recent visit to the sixth boro by an ocean academy training ship happened on July 19.


The photo above and below were taken by Lew.  Golden Bear is currently steaming SW 100 nm off SW Puerto Rico, headed home.


These photos prompted me to look up the location of Empire State, which should be headed home for the fall semester as well.  It was west of the Azores and headed west as of this writing.  Kings Pointer is home, but I think I caught a smudge of it on the Sound a little over a week ago.  Currently State of Michigan is headed south into the Soo, and earlier this month (5July), I saw her headed south past Wyandot MI toward Lake Erie . . .


so they’ve been around.   General Rudder— formerly known as Kings Pointer and other names–is headed SE in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve not seen her in Texas A & M livery.  And finally, TS Kennedy is in homeport, Buzzards Bay.

For the top photo, thanks to Ron Van Maanen via Aleksandr Mariy.  Golden Bear photos come from Lew.    And only the last one is mine.