Stuff changes.  You’ve heard that before.  And it always will.  Jeffrey Lin captures that in his way.

Aleksandr Mariy shows this in another way, which I’ve been trying to do with “second lives” posts. Here’s his set of drawings of what is today the tall ship Avatar, built in 1941, currently gearing up for the 2016 sailing season.  Thanks to these drawings, we see its previous lives going back to 1941.


Notice the hull stays the same.

av2Kotter AM-26 Nehim IV Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av3Kotter IJM64 Rony Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av4Kotter BU-152 Grietje Maria Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av5Kotter Deutsche Kriegsfischkutter 1942 1945 37mm


Thanks again for these to Aleksandr, who is a cadet at the Maritime Institute de Ruyter in Vlissingen (aka Flushing) NL. The namesake of the Institute is Michiel de Ruyter.