Uh . .  any guesses which creek that might be?




It’s still the sleek lines of the GUP carrier once so familiar to folks paying attention to sixth boro traffic.


Newtown Creek is now going up a waterway for the last time and what a waterway this is.  From here, she’ll be further


dismantled before she’s gently laid to the sea bottom for aquatic growth and diver’s enjoyment.  Atlas is likely the one from 1985 shown here (and scroll).

Many thanks to Mike Hatami for sending these photos along.

For some news from the Miami River, click here.  For two stories about a vessel on that River, click here and here.  With the latter, you’ll need to translate the Spanish.

Unrelated and sent along by barrel, an interesting “second life” conversion here, although I believe the headline was written by someone who does not know a container ship from an OSV, maybe not a creek from a brook.