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I’ve taken this photo from Facebook, on a thread started by Aleksandr Mariy.  He wondered what it was.

Look at the stern, the shape of the house, and the bow apart from the upper bulwarks shaped up to and around the bowsprit.


Speculation in that thread was  and I change the words slightly and add a few of my own   . . . old Moran tug that got turned into a sailboat back in 1983. Work was done at a yard in Port Arthur. Wheelhouse was moved to aft position, bulwarks modified, bowsprit and masts added. Believe it was one of the Thomas Morans, maybe the 1926 one. It was a diesel electric. Owner was a Moran captain who planned to go tuna fishing with it.

Anyone want to weigh in?  Does anyone have photos either before or after?

And while I’m commenting on FB, here’s a photo shared there by Robert Silva, showing self-propelled barge Toledo Sun from days of yore.


Click here to see it out of the water, showing although not clearly enough the power configuration.  Anyone know the manufacturer of the propulsion?  I believe she’s now operating out of Singapore as Marine Success.   Here’s more of the Sun Oil fleet.   Is this the same vessel?




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