Credit for all photos today goes to John Huntington.  Check out his website here.


John writes:  “I generally like crazy weather but it was painful out there.  I drove out on the pier (the one by the Brooklyn Army Terminal) and would get back in the car periodically to warm up.  [The temperature registered low and the windy was . . . well . . . excessive.]   I had my ski gloves on and kept turning the camera off when I was trying to adjust the aperture so I blew a bunch of shots.”  But the crew of Genesis Liberty was out working.  And over in the distance is Anthem of the Seas . . . between runs.  See two diverging opinions on Anthem here and here.


As of this writing, Genesis Liberty is already up in Boston and Anthem . . . back at sea.


And when John says he likes “crazy weather,” here’s a sample of what he means.

Be safe out there, all.

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