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Here’s GLDD’s cutter suction dredge Florida as seen from above the cutter head and


photo taken October 2010 in the KVK

from alongside.  I took the first three photos in this post.


photo taken October 2010

Here’s Weeks cutter suction dredge C. R. McCaskill with Sea Wolf serving as a tender.


photo taken near Rockaway Inlet September 2013

USACE E. A. Woodruff was built in 1873 and worked the Ohio. Technically, I think Woodruff was a snag boat.

0aab1E A Woodruff Corps of Engineers Snag Boatc 1910

USACE Florida was the most technologically advanced dredge built when it was launched in 1904.  Unfortunately, she sank with loss of life 14 years later and is currently a dive site.

0achsDredge and Snagboat Florida - 1918

USACE Barnard was built in 1904 as well in Camden and sold to Mexico in 1942.

0achs1Dredge Barnard Tampa 1924-1925

Here’s another view of Barnard with

0achs2Dredge Bernard Tampa Florida - 1924

a tender alongside.  It looks a lot like the buoy boats on the Erie Canal.

0achs3Dredge Bernard Tampa Florida - 1924

Dredge Welatka was built in 1925.

0aab2Dredge Welatka Florida 1938

Dredge Congaree was built in 1914 in Charleston SC.

0achs4Dredge Congaree intercostal Water Way - 1940

Here’s USACE Potter originally built in 1932 and still in use.

0achsPotter Repowered

For many more vintage USACE photos, click here.

Many thanks to Barrel for this trip through USACE technological history.

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