Back in 2008, I had a chance to see a VS-driven tug for the first time here and here.  Since that time, this tug has become Matthew McAllister, a Narragansett Bay-based tug which is McAllister’s only VS tug.  A local set of boats with VS props is operated by the Staten Island ferry.  Here’s a post that shows the ferries’ VS system out of the water.

But I digress.  The question in this post is  . . . where do these props come from?  How big and heavy are they?


There are two in this park in Portsmouth VA, and


on both, on the “hub,” there’s info.  I’ve seen this before on tug Pegasus here.


Diameter . . . 28′ and almost 40 tons each!  They’re from one of these oilers. 


All photos by Will Van Dorp, who has left for sea and will be in the signal-free zone for a few weeks.  The robot will put up a few more posts, but don’t expect any answers to questions, as I might not have a signal until early February, when I hope also to have some new tales to tell.