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Here’s an index to the 44 prior posts by this name.  CMA CGM Parsifal here is heavily laden, looks huge–and for the sixth boro is one of the largest that have called to date–almost 11oo’ loa and around 8500 teu-capacity, but relative to the current largest container ship in the world is smaller by half, ranked by capacity.


I’ve done lots of posts focusing on intriguing names, but Parsifal needs to be added to that list.  In the foreign-to-me world of opera, Parsifal was a “pure fool,” the only knight unsullied enough to get the magic sword back from the evil seductress Kundry.  Cool.




Here’s JRT Moran–the sixth boro’s newest new tug–coming out to meet Troitsky Bridge.


JRT teams up here with the venerable James Turecamo, a tandem that shows evolution in twin screw design over almost a half century.   Troitsky [trinity] Bridge is named for a structure in St. Petersburg;  for some reason it’s almost the name of a fun civil engineering competition.  Local high schools run such competitions also.


Port Moody waits in the anchorage as USNS Red Cloud gets refurbished at GMD.


I caught Leopard Sea in Nola here just over a year ago.


Santa Pacific, with hatches cracked open, waits  . .  for orders?


NS Antarctic gets around.


Robert E. heads out for a job, passing NS Antarctic and  . . .


Cielo di Milano, as Sandy Hook Pilots summer station boat New Jersey comes in for a call through the KVK.



Living along the banks of the sixth boro has disadvantages, but I truly enjoy the fact that this too is part of the traffic.


All photos this month by Will Van Dorp.

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