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Let’s pick up from yesterday and follow Atlantic Star from the Narrows to the part of the KVK called the “salt pile.”  To the right off the stern of Atlantic Star, that’s lower Manhattan.


Ellen McAllister swoops in to deliver the docking pilot.  The signature “G” on the stack points to Grimaldi Group, of which ACL is an associate. Grimali’s West Africa service is a regular in the sixth boro with such vessels as Grande Morocco.




Seen from head-on, the bow is knife edged, but in profile it’s plumb. Yes, that’s the Statue of Liberty in the distance.


That’s Robbin Reef Light and WTC1 just off its right.  Atlantic Star and the other G4 vessels are operated by a crew of 16, compared with 21 for the G3 vessels like Atlantic Concert.








The cranes in the distance are at the MOTBY terminal.


We’re now in the KVK with the salt pile to port and


the Bayonne Bridge ahead, and Atlantic Concert being assisted beneath.


Eric McAllister joins, and we’ll pick it up there tomorrow.


All photos by Will Van Dorp, with thanks to the NY Media Boat for conveyance.

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