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Kyle’s words:  “Collecting postcards, mainly of shipping, is … one of my hobbies. I came across recently showing a parade of vessels with many more in the background, apparently in New York harbor. While most are distant, the closest tug is closest enough to see that it is under Lehigh Valley operation, however the name is just blurry enough to not be readable.   Doing a quick search, I believe the Lehigh Valley tug is the CHEEKTOWAGA of 1902.”



My two cents:  “It could be the christening of the boat, given the pennants?  I was searching but you beat me to it.   Here is some info on the yard that built Cheektowaga, assuming that is the boat.”

My anteing up:  “Oops!  It can’t be Cheektowaga because that was built for the Lehigh Valley subset called the Easton and Amboy Railroad.

Following up on Kyle’s first line, I decided to search for some postcards online.  Quickly I came to this, which tantalizes as you scroll.  His is by Harris Post Card Co.

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