Here’s a link to the series.

Click anywhere on the photo below to see its provenance.  My question is .  . where and when was this photo taken?


Here’s a closer up of the top portion of the photo.  And if you haven’t clicked on the photo above, I’ll tell you the source is a fine book by Captain Bill Eggert called Gentlemen of the Harbor.


The image below comes from  an archived issue of Moran’s Towline magazine.  You have another chance to guess the date.  A difference here is that the photos above show the Class B boats and the one below the first two finishers of the Class A boats in this race.


And here is the answer.  Evidence of the location of this race is in this link, where you see vintage photos of the Edgewater Ford plant, which closed in 1955 and was demolished in the late 1980s.   Click here for some unusual Ford trucks built in Edgewater and used during WW2.

Back to the International Maritime Races,  click here for info on the winner Socony 11, who came back to race 54 years later!!  Photo at the end of this post.   For career info and photos of Carol Moran, click here.


Excuse the redundancy in the image below, also from the October 1953 issue of Towline.


Here’s a 9/13/1953 Brooklyn Eagle p. 22 version of the race.


Going back to the top photo, YTB-499 is still in USCG documentation, now as Marine Retriever, operating out of Coos Bay, OR.  C. Stewart Lee, originally built for the Navy as YT-134, is likely scrapped.  New York Central No. 25, disposition unknown,was built in Newburgh in 1908. Maybe someone else can add some info on what looks like Dauntless No. 2 and the boat beyond it.    And the two spectator boats?  I presume the larger one is a Circle Line vessel.

I hope I’m right about Dorothy Elizabeth being the reincarnation of Socony 11.   Unfortunately, in the photo from 2007, she was not far from the scrapper’s jaws. Click here (and scroll) to see how the same boat appeared in the movie Carlito’s Way.


taken by Will Van Dorp, September 2, 2007

Check out Eggert’s Gentlemen of the Harbor.