Here’s the series . . . .

And the intention of this post is to prompt a discussion, not just be vain.  Let me explain:  thanks to HL for taking this photo the other day during a 33-hour delivery of a Nautor Swan 42 from NY to Baltimore.  Off NJ, conditions were described as a confused sea.

The reason for the photo and this post is to ask about seasickness, which I’ve never experienced but this time I did.  I lost breakfast as soon as we departed the Ambrose Channel and set sail.  I’d taken dramamine, but it only made me drowsy.  Ironically, between gags, I felt very happy;  stomach sick but spirits good.  It hurt to talk much but smiles soothed.  And when I was told to steer a course, all was better.

Here’s a set of 50 suggestions for dealing with seasickness I found on gCaptain.   A dear friend wrote that there are two kinds of people:  those who get seasick and those who haven’t YET.  My brother traveled to Vietnam by ship, said he was seasick for weeks, and has scorned water travel every since.  I used to pack a ginger root when I went fishing and keep a slice between my teeth and inner cheek.



Thanks to HL for sharing the photo.

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